Dan Blegen   Author and Performer

Woody Guthrie was the Oklahoma balladeer whose simple but evocative songs have enriched America's musical landscape for generations.  First rambling the country in the 1930s, Guthrie connected with Americans from all walks of life and dignified their lives in song.  In this unique, one-hour docu-concert Dan discusses Guthrie's life and sings a dozen of Guthrie's best-known works, his Dust Bowl ballads, songs of the West, and tributes to farmers, factory workers and service men. 

Included are familiar favorites like "Hard Travelin'," "Roll On Columbia," "Union Maid,"     "So Long It's Been Good to Know You," and of course his signature piece "This Land Is Your Land."
Woody Guthrie
Bent's Trading Fort & The Greatest Hits of the 1840s 
Take a fanciful ride down the Santa Fe Trail and back to 1846 with Dan to visit William Bent's vibrant trading post on the Arkansas River in Colorado Territory.  This is history for all ages in the words of those who lived it: William Bent, Susan Magoffin, Army private Marcellus Edwards, Black Charlotte and Cheyenne woman Mis-Stan-stur.

At Bent's Trading Fort, travelers on the Santa Fe Trail shared the latest popular songs from "back in the states" and danced the night away at one of the fort's  famous fandangos. You'll want to dance also...to the greatest hits of the 1840s: "Rosin' the Beau," "Buffalo Gals," "Blue Tail Fly," "Sweet Betsy" and more.
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Based on the book Bent's Fort: Crossroads of Cultures on the Santa Fe Trail 
by Melvin Bacon and Daniel Blegen
Fun & Educational School Assembly!
Great Supplement to Any Study of Colorado History!
Live Music and Period Photos Included!
Hard Travelin': The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie
Two ​Entertaining & Educational Programs for Your Next School Assembly or Fundraiser
For Grades 3 - 5
For Grades K - 6
Kids' Concert: The Songs America Sang
A sing-a-long introduction to our nation's traditional music
Forty-five minutes of songs and fun!!!

    Kids' songs from the 1800s:
      "Mr. Frog Went a Courtin'"  "The Fox"  "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad" 

          Cowboy songs:
               "Whoopi-Ti-Yi-Yo"  "Down in the Valley"  "You Are My Sunshine"

                     Woody Guthrie "This Land Is Your Land" and many more....
"Hard Travelin"